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Allysin Chaines In Wonderland

Allysin Chaines Stars In Wonderland brought to you by PornHub

Yes, all good. Maybe even better than Tim Burton’s. But in no way shape or form even close to what lies after the jump…

Mailbox News

The Troll’s Big Male Sack: Hairy Sex Dwarf!

Dear Troll, I love the latest crop of articles. You seem to have more time on your hands these days…. which begs the question; do you have any friends?

Well, good sir, while I prefer to travel on my adventures and quests solo – it certainly does not mean I do not remain in touch with old pals from the forests. In fact, it appears as though my old friend Tokolo is at it again…

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Nevermind Tony Stark — Let’s Kick Off The Summer With SEX TREK!

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Love My Tender Pussy

Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll… and of vagina! Watch as he fucks her tender…

Fuck Me Tender brought to you by PornHub

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Jodie Moore Doesn’t Think Fucking A Clown Is Funny

Hot Blonde. Good Music. Clown.

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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

Hello, lads! It is I, the Sexual Troll! Heheheheheeeee!! I have been away from the laptop on a journey to the homeland of Troll World. But fear not, you naughty, horny imps — I shall return with more clips of youngins that will drain your drips!

‘Til then, take some time to watch all of my favorite film of ALL TIME. Seriously — forget AVATAR, this is the real movie that changed films as we know it!

Enjoy, and happy whoreydays, from your Troll!!!!!! Heheeee!!!

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What Ever Happened To The Automatic Pilot From “Airplane” ?

Seems that “Otto” has been doing just fine…

Thanks to The Alabaster for this edition of “Peeps From The Peeps” !

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Happy Halloween!

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“Do You Want To See My Big Beautiful Breasts?”

For only five bucks, we are treated to some of the finest acting this site has ever seen!…

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Jobs For Students

This week’s reader, a young lady viewer of the site, asks, “Hi Troll. You’re cute! I just started college and am looking for a part time job. Any ideas?”

This letter brought a certain video to mind. And it answers your question in a very easy way – if you are a young lady attending a university and you need a job, then don’t do anything except talk to older men you don’t know! Chances are they have many hundred dollar bills they’d love to shower over you. Just like Madison here, for example…

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A Day Off

I know you are all very horny and need release – but let us take a break today and just enjoy a nice farm rave.

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SEE A Live Crazy Girl Bath In The Public Fountain!

As a Troll, I have done this many times, so I am not sure what the big deal is.

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Divorce

I hated my Troll parents and Troll family and was glad to be gone of them when I fled the forest into your human world. But I’m sure some of you out there are different and saddened by their broken homes.

Here’s TV’s Alan Thicke to sort out all these feelings…

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Beavis & Butthead Porn

To celebrate the release of the new Mike Judge film EXTRACT, I thought I would serve up a little porn starring Judges’ first two characters, Beavis & Butthead…

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Wolf Creature Fucks Young Skinny Asian Girl!

Ah. Look what we have here! Seems this skinny Asian is about to get an unexpected visit! Seeing this clip brought me fond memories of my time in the forests. I had heard about this white wolf creature. The lady trolls would all speak of his sexploits. They spoke of the dangers of wandering around Gobler’s Nook and Whisper Falls too late – for if they did then they would surely meet the miserable fate of rape by whitewolf! It’s all I heard. Every single day – same old tales. The way they’d talk about it, it was as if deep down they wanted to get paid a visit by this mythical beast. Needless to say, I waited, hidden, in Gobler’s Nook night and day and I never saw so much as a skinny dip let alone good old fashioned wolfrape.

No matter! Now, thanks to this clip – I can finally witness what I have longed to see for many years…and so can you! Heheheheheeheeeeeeeeeee!!!!