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Glory Hole Sex With Hot Girl Makes It Worth Reaching Into Strange Holes

I’ve always been afraid of glory holes, mostly cause I’m not gay and don’t want to reach in and grab dick, but after seeing this hot girl on the other end, I may get over my fears about sex with holes.

I’m not saying I’m completely out of the woods with my glory hole sex fears. You never know if THIS thing is on the other end:

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Glory Holes!

Look at this! A female viewer of the site names “Lisa” writes in! “Dear Troll, You are so cute. I have a question. I want to have sex but I am a bit shy. How can I have sex but pretend it never happened…like maybe not even know who it is fucking me. That would be hot.”

Well, Lisa, I’d be glad to help you out but I’m sure you’re talking about being fucked by a human make. Ah well. Let’s see here. How about the girl in this vid? She seems to have the right idea! This youngy just like you has sex with an unknown set of cocks. Very dangerous for her. Very enjoyable for us! Give it a try!

I would very much like a room in my house like this.