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Yuko Ogura Doesn’t Have To Get Naked

I’ve been so pent up this week, I feel like I’m at Hogwarts! But since I don’t have anyone to bend down and offer to “tie my shoelaces,” I’ll have to find my jollies elsewhere.

I cannot get enough of young Japanese girls. And although the internet has no shortage of Asians doing all sorts of unspeakables, sometimes less is more. That’s where Yuko comes in.

Yuko doesn’t go nude. Yuko just stands around acting all innocent in her endless assortment of bikinis. This little thing has been driving me nuts for years and I can never get enough.

Just sit back and imagine she lets you come over her house and likes to get dressed and put on a special fashion show for you. And the best part is, she thinks you’re SUPPOSED to take it out and stroke it while you watch. That’s how she knows she is a super special and pretty girl!

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