Jenna Haze Retires From Performing


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After ten years taking the cock for the cam, Jenna Haze is done. But she will remain behind the camera. Watch her personal announcement…

Jenna Haze’s Thrill Her


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ZZinsider presents it’s first ever spoof video: THRILL HER, inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Starring Jenna Haze and Scott Nails, this spoof has its heart in the right place but, like so many others misses the mark with sloppy execution.

Fame Registry’s Top 100 Starlets


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The hot 100 list is the top rated, currently active porn stars in the business updated every single month letting you know who you should be spanking your one-eyed wille to and in what order.

Jenna Haze once again sits atop the list, so what are you waiting for? Stroke to it… go on, it’s alright, she wants you to! Just listen!…

Jenna Haze wants you to cum for her brought to you by PornHub

Check out the full list HERE.

Nevermind Tony Stark — Let’s Kick Off The Summer With SEX TREK!


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Kayden Kross, Jenna Haze & Bree Olson in ‘Rawhide 2′


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Here’s a new release that looks to have many releases for you within in…


With this fresh off the heels of THE 8th DAY, Kayden Kross is shaping up to be the most likable actress in porn today. In between jerk off sessions, you can read her personal blog HERE.

Check out more info on Rawhide II HERE!

‘New Moon’ In Stores Now!


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No, not that New Moon, you silly faggot. THIS one:

“As the uncontrollable urge for sex consumes her in the absence of her vampire lover, she desperately searches to fill her lustful desires with her new companion who has vowed to protect her from the relentless threat of blood lusty vampires and also promises to show her how a wolf man can make her most erotic fantasies come true.”

Early Jenna Haze Action


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Jenna Goes To The Lady Doctor


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Jenna Haze is only 27. But that’s about 54 in porn years. Not to fret, my naughty horny little imps, for there are always clips from her younger years to be enjoyed! Take this one, for example, where the Jenna of a few years back goes to get her bits checked by a doctor who seriously risks ruining his career…

Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze & Evan Stone Are Back In ‘Teachers’


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The Pirates Players are all back in the latest porn comedy from Digital Playground, TEACHERS. While there is no Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Ralph Macchio, Judd Hirsch or Crispin Glover, there IS Evan Stone teaching hot-as ever Jesse Jane and Jenna Haze how to avoid sex. I don’t think they listen…

I know you’ll need more to get your daily dose of seed out, so check out an additional clip of Jenna in a nice romantic fireside fuck after the jump…

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Jenna Haze Goes Clam to Clam With Lexi


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Some folks have written to me and said, “Hey, Troll, I love the site, but what about Dykes? Cocks going into cunts is awesome and all, but sometimes a guy just wants to watch two girls doing what two girls do when they just are hanging out at the beach and then get upset because there’s no sun to catch a tan so they retreat back indoors and take a bath together which turns into a clam on clam water show.”

Well, your letter is perfectly timed, because as it so happens, today’s clip features just that. And with the always enjoyable Jenna Haza going “clam to clam” with Lexi Belle. Save some for me!

Jenna Haze fans, don’t pull up your pants! Check her out with another one of me faves, Aurora Snow, right after this here jump!

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