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The Whore of the Rings

A few years ago, epic films were released which changed the state of cinema. Epic tales which followed a few unlikely heroes through the dangers of Middle Earth. I, of course, am talking about The Whore of the Rings. For those of you who have not enjoyed these two modern classics, shame on you. Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing – starring the lovely Katie Morgan in the role we all first fell in love with her in…

Seriously – get these two DVD’s. You need these DVD’s. This is only the beginning!

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Katie Morgan Used To Be Awesome

There was a time when cartoon-voiced Katie Morgan would cream my jeans in a mere minute. Then she had to go and do it, didn’t she? She had to go under the knife and get tits far too big for her petite frame, tits so disgusting her cute little innocent voice was no match for the stretch marks in the battle to keep my troll loins attracted to her. Ahh well, such is life, I suppose. Thank goodness we still have clips like this to remember the good old days.

If you dig Katie, then WHORE OF THE RINGS 2 is must-see! More Katie clips HERE, but be warned – everything else is Katie post-surge with breasts only a fag could love. Speaking of, it’s sad that I enjoy Evan Stone in the following clip after the jump more than I enjoy Katie getting fucked. Say what you will, but I’ll take Evan Stone’s hijinks over fake balloon boobs any day of the week. The Troll has zero tolerance for fake tits!