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Meet Kennedy Kressler: What All Female Bodies Should Look Like

Kennedy is really awesome.

Have you seen Kennedy have sex with the older man from the park? Watch…

Kennedy is really awesome….

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The Young Little Blonde In The Playground

I wouldn’t even want to be this lucky dude. It’s far luckier than I could ever be capable of. No, I’d be happy to just watch under the bed as this took place. That’s all. I’d just want to watch and I’d be a happy Troll. Luckily, we CAN watch…

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Bridget the Midget Sucks on Your Digits

I’ve come to accept that, provided VR helmets are invented in the next 50 years, that I will die without ever having put my penis inside a dwarf. I’m okay with that, because thankfully I have this video of Bridget Powers AKA Bridget the Midget blowing cock, getting banged, and taking a cock in her ass to help me imagine what that would be like. Now if I can only track down a dwarf gangbang orgy, life could be complete.

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Gauge Flips For Cock

Little Gauge was one of the easiest girls to get off to in the early ’00’s. Since she’s no longer doing adult (reported to have married and settled down back in her hometown of Arkansas) let’s take a look back at a clip from this four foot-eleven inch, 93 pound piece of meat’s heyday…a brighter time just a few short years ago when she would gladly take it up the ass while doing a handstand…

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“Ready To Fuck Her Guilt Free”

It’s been a while since Jean Pierre and Pascal have seen their friends. When they were younger, they would be wild in the discos and the girls would go crazy to be fucked by these three studs. But things have changed.

Until now…