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Courtney Gets Her Grades Up By Getting Dicks Up

Courtney and her college recruiter discuss her chances of getting in to his school. She has great grades, and would be admitted in if it weren’t for those pictures he found of her online…

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Two Guys Rewarded with Hot, Young Snatch

You know how it goes; you help a girl out and she rewards you by letting you put your cock inside her. Happens all the time right? That’s why I wasted hours fixing your car or setting up your TV or building motherfucking furniture!!! FUCK, even when I had a girlfriend, trying to get her to put out was like orchestrating peace talks between North and South Korea.

So yes, I *love* this girl. I don’t know who she is, and her voice is kinda annoying, but she knows when to shut up and fuck. She reminds me of Elisha Cuthbert, if she was truly The Girl Next Door who loved to blow dudes. This tight little blonde is exactly what this Scumbag needs, and that she’s up to “explore uncharted territory” is always golden in my book. HOWEVER, the fucking video ends just as it’s about to go south, literally, so F U to whomever uploaded it. Still, you’ll get a good 14 plus minutes of hot youngin threesome action though.

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Britney Is Going To Do Anything And Everything

You may find this odd, but what really turns me on the most? Fucked up skin.

Please, allow me to explain. Who needs a perfect 10 to intimidate you and make you feel like they’re doing you a favor by letting you snuggle up beside them? Fuck those stuck up cunts and the false pedestals they stand on!

Now take a girl like Britney here. Here’s a girl who I can really get off to. The accessibly cute, young hometown ordinary naive little girl who I’d have a shot with in real life. And very fucked up skin-wise to boot. That’s the key element! And that’s why, as I sit here typing this, my fingers are sticking to the keys! Hehheeeee.

Enjoy her, especially when she spits and drools at 3:54. Yeah. That’s what I like, Britney. I like when you spit on my Troll Meat, you fucked-up-skinned little whore!

OH, and Sir in the clip, now that you’ve jizzed on that fucked up skin, get dressed and change the goddamn battery in that fire alarm! Every time that beep went off it sucked me right out of the moment. I had to start from scratch every time. Thanks for making me work for it, ya son of a bitch non-battery-changer.

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I Will Avoid A Detective/Dick Pun

Start this clip at 3:40. Detective Kalonowski is the coolest detective. It turns his stomach to see young girls taken advantage of. Pathetic pieces of shit who take young girls out of their element and turn them into porno hookers. Just one slight twist. Sabrina LIKES being turned into a cheap porno hooker! The dialogue in this one is not to be missed!

“I thought you were a nice girl. You’re just a nasty little slut aren’t ya? You’ve been around the block…but you haven’t been around my block, baby. I’m a detective and we know how to probe.”

Now that’s my kind of Dick. Oh, I couldn’t resist! Heheeee!