Naporneon Dynamite

From Hollywood Skin Co – In the golden age of porn parodies where anything can and will be turned into a XXX version, it’s hard to be surprised at a new one. But this week, Pink Lotus Entertainment is releasing their latest and greatest, and one you probably never thought you’d see: “Naporneon Dynamite.”

On October 7th, the world will see a new side the lovable geek “Naporneon,” who gets over his awkward phase and loses his virginity to Trisha, among other tantalizing acts. In “Naporneon Dynamite” everyone gets laid – Uncle Suave and Laquesha make no secret about what they like to do each other, and Debbie gives Paco her vote for class president…and then some.

According to Pink Lotus, the original movie appealed to a wide demographic because it stayed away from profanity, alcohol, and nudity – products of the movie’s Mormon creators. “Naporneon Dynamite” takes the opposite approach, giving the movie’s fans a chance to see all the sex and gratuitous nudity that was left out the first time around.