One Of My All Time Faves!


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Heheheheeee! There are many days when I am depressed. Yes, trolls get depressed, too! But don’t feel bad. Because whenever I am sad all I need to do is play this clip, and walah! I emerge on the other side of its 17 minutes happy as can be! Heehehehehehehe! I suggest for you the same. Do not watch this right now. Wait until you are feeling blue. Then put on this blue movie and you’re sure to feel better than ever after you squeeze your cock pretending you are this lucky, lucky man…

Go on, just like he says, “Grip it like your grabbin’ hold of some reins…”

Chastity Lynn Gets Physical With Old Man!


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Thank heaven for Chastity here. Watching her have sex with this creepy old man allows even a troll like myself to get off all the more powerfully, secure in the thought that if she lets him she’ll let us!

Uncle Harvey’s Place is Where You Fuck Young Girls


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Oh Uncle Harvey. You’re so foul mouthed, but your caretaker is so pretty mouthed. Whatever will you do! Will his Tourette’s get the better of him, or will he force this little thang to suck his cock and fuck him to good health? Only one way to find out.

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Tons Of Asian Schoolgirls Fucking Their Teachers!


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School sure does seem a lot more fun in the orient!…

Some Girls’ Moans Are Boring


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Here we have a young, tight hardbodied euroteen who is given cock via older, hairy beast. She may look awesome, but her repetitive moans were enough to make this troll keep trolling. Oh, who am I kidding? You’re getting to know me very well…I spilled some goop to this a mere three minutes in!


The Cure For A Bad Back


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I can relate to this poor bastard — he bends over and his whole back goes out, rendering him unable to move. What I am unable to relate to, however, is what comes next…

Morgan Freeman Is My Kind Of Scum


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One reader has brought it to my attention that Morgan Freeman is awesome. Sure, you may be saying, “Troll – Morgan is the man! He’s been awesome way before he drove that old hag and ever since he was on The Electric Company!”

Yes. But, he is now even more awesome, because Freeman is driving his 72 year-old dark knight into a 27 year-old Daisy! Wait, it gets better. She is his step-granddaughter! How awesome is that!!!??? And if you have a problem with this, before you pass judgment, may we give the benefit of the doubt that one of them is dyslexic?

I do not have any Morgan Semen video for you of these two sneaky love birds in the act, but I invite you to pretend it would go down something like this. Same exact thing, only with his lil’ freeman instead of his nose…

Source = WorstPreviews

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