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How Does The Fat Scumbag Get Them!?

As you know, i love clips with old guys or fat guys or best, both. I love watchin’ guys older n’ fatter than my little Troll self fuck little stick figures because it gives me hope… and that hope gets me off.

But THIS fucking guy… jesus christ. His clips really disturb the fuck out of me for some reason.

How is it that these tiny little specimens can touch him, let alone have their faces in his smelly fat taint?

This kinda blows my mind. And the coke (is it fake?) And his beating his chest like a gorilla. And the fact that they don’t even seem to be revolted.

What is going on here?!

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This Fuckin Old Guy Again

Fuckin’ “Harry.” Goddammit. I am so jealous of this old, ugly man. He has a better life than every one of us.

Watch how this all unfolds after the jump…

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Courtney Gets Her Grades Up By Getting Dicks Up

Courtney and her college recruiter discuss her chances of getting in to his school. She has great grades, and would be admitted in if it weren’t for those pictures he found of her online…

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“Ready To Fuck Her Guilt Free”

It’s been a while since Jean Pierre and Pascal have seen their friends. When they were younger, they would be wild in the discos and the girls would go crazy to be fucked by these three studs. But things have changed.

Until now…