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Old Guy, Young Girl!

These videos… they give us all hope…

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This Fuckin Old Guy Again

Fuckin’ “Harry.” Goddammit. I am so jealous of this old, ugly man. He has a better life than every one of us.

Watch how this all unfolds after the jump…

Amateur Blowjob Brunette Videos Youngins

Young Pussy, Old Cock

I am a Troll who still can sprint around the forests, but still… not quite as young as I once was. And whenever I am overcome with a case of the “feelin-olds” I turn to clips like this… then I feel so much better! After all, if little teens will hop on a guy’s lap who is this old, I surly will have no problem getting teen tale for a long time to come! So Fuck you, Father Time!

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In Honor Of The World Series

How about a little baseball sex?!

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Forget Harry…Watch CHERRY POTTER!

By now, all you little humans have your tickets for Harry Potter this week. And while I’m as big a fan as anyone (after all, I AM a magical creature hehee!) I would rather watch WHORE’s than Horcrux’s if you know what I mean! Which brings us to my latest find. Say what you will about the French, but Cherry here is the reason why we like to kiss like them! So pull out your wands and get ready to cast your white goopy spells all over yourselves…

…too bad we can’t go see this in IMAX 3D! Heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee.