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Moaning Is Awesome

Hello sickies, The Troll here! heheheheheeeeeee! I am giggling because i just jerked me meat which means i feel nice right now. Ahh if only it would last! Funny, it wasn’t even one of my usual embedded vids that cause my current state of euphoria. Nope, it wasn’t a video at all in fact! Well, technically it is a video, but it’s a clip of just darkness. No image. Only audio. However could i release to such a boring sounding clip, you ask? Well, it’s because I discovered the new trend of MOANING VIDEOS! HEHEEEEE! Yes, lads, you heard it right — people are now getting around YouTube’s strict no-nudity or adult content clause by just uploading the sound of their pleasures! And I will have you know, ’tis very hot indeed! So hot, these generous clips that have been shared with the world almost eliminate the need for phone sex. So sit back, slip out of your trousers, and have a listen to what folks like YouTube user “xXBrokenXxLoverXx” are doing to themselves…

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The Fonz Would Love This Girl…

… because she sits on it.

She looks like a little doll brought to you by PornHub


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I Give You Under 2 Minutes…

Longtime reader Rommel points our weiners in the direction of miss Dakota Brooks, who you will find will delight you to release in under 120 seconds…

Dakoda’s a slut brought to you by PornHub

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Welcome to my OOL table. Notice there is no peepee in it. Let’s change that…

I hereby declare this girl to be the default body for what girl’s bodies are supposed to look like…

Her name here is Amia Moretti but she now is going by Amia Miley. You can catch her latest work in for director Jenna Haze in the brand new “Cum Spoiled Brats.”

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Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy

Hello, lads! It is I, the Sexual Troll! Heheheheheeeee!! I have been away from the laptop on a journey to the homeland of Troll World. But fear not, you naughty, horny imps — I shall return with more clips of youngins that will drain your drips!

‘Til then, take some time to watch all of my favorite film of ALL TIME. Seriously — forget AVATAR, this is the real movie that changed films as we know it!

Enjoy, and happy whoreydays, from your Troll!!!!!! Heheeee!!!

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Have I Mentioned Faye Reagan Is Hot?

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Four-Eyed Hotness

As you know, I love spying on human girls while they’re alone. Here’s a girl I just watched yesterday. This hot young bi-speckled bitch sticks her dildo deep until she feels the flow!