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79 pounds…

The face and the voice could be better but who could complain really? She’s 79 POUNDS! Just like this Troll likes ’em! Heheheheeeeeee!!

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Meet Zoey Kush

This tight little brunette is new to the biz and she’s off to the right kind of start. Let us hope she’s not an idiot and doesn’t tamper with those perfect knobs!

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My Favorite Sounds In The Universe

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How Does The Fat Scumbag Get Them!?

As you know, i love clips with old guys or fat guys or best, both. I love watchin’ guys older n’ fatter than my little Troll self fuck little stick figures because it gives me hope… and that hope gets me off.

But THIS fucking guy… jesus christ. His clips really disturb the fuck out of me for some reason.

How is it that these tiny little specimens can touch him, let alone have their faces in his smelly fat taint?

This kinda blows my mind. And the coke (is it fake?) And his beating his chest like a gorilla. And the fact that they don’t even seem to be revolted.

What is going on here?!

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That’s Tight

Warning! White stuff comes out of him and into her at the end of this.

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Meet Rosemary

Rosemary Radeva is a new cute little Asian who recently started taking clothes off and cocks in. Watch!…

For more, watch little Rosemary make friends with Tanner Mayes right HERE.

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Kennedy Likes Girls, Too

I still just can’t believe how thin/hot this Kennedy Kressler is…

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Meet Kennedy Kressler: What All Female Bodies Should Look Like

Kennedy is really awesome.

Have you seen Kennedy have sex with the older man from the park? Watch…

Kennedy is really awesome….

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Young Blonde And Her Blue Eyes

She is really cool…

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She is So Tiny. He is So Lucky!

She likes older men. He likes younger girls. A perfect match. Ahh, if only life was only this easy. But it is not. Life is difficult for you humans. You have your bills and your traffic and your rude people and jobs that depress you. We Trolls do not have any of this. Which is why I enjoy showing you videos like this. So you may relax, slip off your slacks and pretend you are the old man who likes the little girls.

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This Fuckin Old Guy Again

Fuckin’ “Harry.” Goddammit. I am so jealous of this old, ugly man. He has a better life than every one of us.

Watch how this all unfolds after the jump…

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She Comes Over For Him To Play With

This foreign man must have placed a phone call prior to his getting in the shower, this gave him the perfect amount of time to bathe himself to prepare for her arrival. Like clockwork, she arrives at the door as soon as he is out of the shower and ready to manipulate her for our pleasure. I don’t know about you, but I’m betting I shoot all over the place before he does. I always do. I see no point in prolonging the inevitable! heheheheheh!!!!

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