The ONLY Good Pirates Movie


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Forget Captain Jack! Captain Reynolds is where it’s at!!

Jesse Jane Has Her Own Tequila, Spills News on PIRATES 3D


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Pirates was the biggest budget film in history in 2006 and Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge took things up a whole bunch of levels when it was unleashed in 2008. But, three years later, fans are still wondering if and when a third entry in the saga will be produced by . In an interview with Crave, Jesse Jane let the news slip that a third Pirates epic is in the works for a 2012 release!

The DP contract star says, “Pirates was really fun. We’re shooting Pirates 3D this year. And the newest one is Top Guns which comes out next month. I actually loved [it], because Dirty Dancing and Top Gun are like my favorite movies of all time, so when they said we were going to remake it I was like, “You’re lying…!”

And… Not to be outdone by Ron Jeremy’s rum, Jesse Jane will unveil her own tequila line, Diosa, next Tuesday in Vegas!

Read the full interview HERE.

’s TOP GUNS lands this coming Tuesday!

Pirates Coming To An iPad Near You!


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While this is fantastic news, what I wanna know is… WHERE IS PIRATES 3 ??!!

, the best production company out there, has jumped on Apple’s iPad frenzy announcing that all of its High Definition content is compatible with the new product.

The company has been a member of the Apple Developer program for the last decade and specifically an iPhone developer since its inception. All properties automatically sense whether or not the user is using an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and customize the experience on the fly. “ users who purchase an iPad will note the seamless integration between the desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad,” the company said.

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Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze & Evan Stone Are Back In ‘Teachers’


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The Pirates Players are all back in the latest porn comedy from , TEACHERS. While there is no Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, , Judd Hirsch or Crispin Glover, there IS Evan Stone teaching hot-as ever Jesse Jane and Jenna Haze how to avoid sex. I don’t think they listen…

I know you’ll need more to get your daily dose of seed out, so check out an additional clip of Jenna in a nice romantic fireside fuck after the jump…

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Evan Stone Superbowl Replay


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One of my female readers writes:

“I know that you’re into the ladies, but I’m a big fan of Evan Stone, perhaps you could troll for a clip with Evan and a nice young lady that way we can both have a lucky charmed day? Sorry…I know that’s leprechauns…Trolls, Leprechauns, my bad my little friend. Keep UP the good work!”

Ohh it’s so lovely to know that the female humans enjoy my video offerings as well! Well, Female, Mr. Stone’s star turn as Captain Reynolds in Pirates and Pirates: Stagnetti’s Revenge even made me a fan! In honor of the awesomeness that is Evan Stone, we present a replay of the fantastic super bowl incident from last January – when Stone became the All-Star of that game!

Here’s what families around the world saw last January on their TV’s…

And here we have the master discussing his craft…

Read on for big news on Evan’s first national tour, “The Evan Stone Ladies Night Tour”…

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