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Look at what this guy did!

Boy did he make the lady angry.

But I do not understand.

The lady is so beat. She is an ugly lady. Why is she so upset? I would think the lady should have been flattered. I know I am only a troll and cannot understand all the human ways, but I would guess that this girl does not have many male suitors.

You humans are very peculiar.

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I Take The Bus. Why Can’t I Be As Lucky As The Dude At The End Of This?

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Jobs For Students

This week’s reader, a young lady viewer of the site, asks, “Hi Troll. You’re cute! I just started college and am looking for a part time job. Any ideas?”

This letter brought a certain video to mind. And it answers your question in a very easy way – if you are a young lady attending a university and you need a job, then don’t do anything except talk to older men you don’t know! Chances are they have many hundred dollar bills they’d love to shower over you. Just like Madison here, for example…

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2 Girls Fuck A Stranger In The Park

…And why wouldn’t they?

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Crazy Japanese Sex TV Show!

Seriously. I need to move to Japan.

Sex tv show in Japan brought to you by PornHub

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SEE A Live Crazy Girl Bath In The Public Fountain!

As a Troll, I have done this many times, so I am not sure what the big deal is.

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A Tragedy Remembered

Terrible, terrible tragedy. And I’m not just referring the Oliver Stone film – but to the actual event that inspired it. Could it have been avoided? The Troll is not certain. But perhaps if this crew was aboard the flight, it just may have been a better day eight years ago.

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The Troll’s Peeps From The Peeps: Panty Bandit!

…or “Pandit.”

Watch him take the panties!