Meet Dani Jensen


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There aren’t enough redheads hopping up and down on cocks for cash these days, I say – luckily – Dani Jensen is fighting the good fight to change all that!

Mechanic Puts Flux In Her Capacitor


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Hello humans! It is October 25th! What’s so special about that, you ask? Why human, I am surprised at you, quite honestly. Even I, a mere forest troll, knows that October 25th, 1955 was the day Doc Brown told Marty McFly to meet him at the Twin Pines Mall for his first time travel experiment! And being that I do not have any Back to the Future porn to offer you, here is something that I hope will suffice – a young redhead with trouble and a shifty mechanic who informs her she needs a flux capacitor two and a half minutes in.

But she has no money! Sadly, 1.21 gigawatts won’t get her out of this scrape. But do you know what will? Getting cummed on in the dirty auto shop! Hehehehe I can’t wait!…

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She puts the ‘head’ In Redhead


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A poem, by me, The Troll:

Young redheads giving head on fine October afternoons.
Suck him once right before bed, his balls turn into balloons.
Redhead, redhead oh how I love to watch you suck.
But why is that all you do – why oh why don’t you fuck?

“Filthy Little Pig/Dog”


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Here’s a cute little girl on her knees before a guy who likes to call her a filthy little pig, or dog. That’s not very nice of him. Unless of course this is like that terrible Jack Black movie where he sees Paltrow as fat – and this boy actually sees a PigDog type creature in the room with him and little does he know it’s a nice young teen. Whatever the case may be, she does not seem to mind all that much.

What I do not understand is when he shoves his manhood into her mouth, isn’t he afraid she is just playing “nice” and pretending to not mind so she can bite his dick off once it is in? That’s what I would be thinking, and why I could never enjoy this type of sexual behavior. Do not get me wrong! I LOVE when the girl doesn’t want anything to do with me, it only makes it hotter.

Now, let’s see if he makes it outta this with all his bits intact….

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Another Nubiles “Race To Release”


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Here’s another short clip from the always awesome offerings of I like to call these little preview clips “Race to Release” because there’s just enough time to pump out a load to these young and fresh looking pieces of meat! I lost mine at 1:27. Can you do better? Hurry!

Forget Harry…Watch CHERRY POTTER!


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By now, all you little humans have your tickets for Harry Potter this week. And while I’m as big a fan as anyone (after all, I AM a magical creature hehee!) I would rather watch WHORE’s than Horcrux’s if you know what I mean! Which brings us to my latest find. Say what you will about the French, but Cherry here is the reason why we like to kiss like them! So pull out your wands and get ready to cast your white goopy spells all over yourselves…

…too bad we can’t go see this in IMAX 3D! Heheheheheeeeeeeeeeee.