Freddy Got Fingered!

Ya know, back in my day, Porn Parodies had to have clever titles like ‘Edward Penishands’ or ‘The Anus Family.’ Nowadays we just have ‘The Adams Family XXX’ or ‘This Ain’t (insert title here).’ Now, just in time for Halloween season, Lee Roy Myers brings back a little of that old cleverness…

From the Studio & Director that brought you the hit movie, “The Human Sexipede,”, Tom Byron Pictures & Lee Roy Myers present the scariest XXX movie you will ever see, “A Wet Dream on Elm Street!”

When the inhabitants of Elm Street are overcharged for sex toys by their local sex toy dealer, Freddy, they decide to retaliate by burning him and his dildos down. However, as every horror and porn fan knows, sometimes they cum back! The charred clerk returns… and he’s horny! Freddy is haunting the dreams of his murderers, causing girls to scream in fear and satisfaction as he shows them just why his nickname is “Freddy Fingers”. When the hot, young women of Elm Street go to bed, Freddy gives them wet dreams they will never forget…or wake up from!

Freddy fucks next Tuesday, September 27th.