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5th Grade Teacher Fucks

So here we have a 5th grade teacher who fucked on cam before she taught 12 year olds science. Now she’s been dismissed for fear the kids couldn’t handle it. Oh I got news for ’em… they handled it alright. I’m sure more than a few times! Heheheheheeeeeee!

Makes me feel like I never really lived. Who cares if this chick is sort of a boring lay. Those goddamn lucky fucking kids in that class!

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Back To School Time

September 1. A day many teens dread. School season has arrived. But do not fret, boys! Look at this particular student. He went to school and his teacher had sexual intercourse with him! Maybe this week it’ll happen to you! But if it does not, do not dispair– you always have me, The Troll, to show you guys who are luckier than you…

Teacher Makes Her Student Cum Twice! brought to you by PornHub

PS – This boy must have been left back. He is very old to be a student. But with teachers like this, I can see why he would be in no rush to graduate!

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OK, this clip is out of control on many levels. First we have a lady who looks far too young to have the teacher job she seems to keep. Although she does seem very organized. That’s probably why they hired her. Then, out of nowhere, a crazy biker clown sits down in her classroom and begins to partake in my favorite activity, the pumping of the cock.

Trust me on this one, fellas, once you get two minutes in to the “Squeeze those tits!” moment you won’t be able to stop watching this one…even after you shoot! “Oh yeah!!”

11:40: “Ride it! Ride! Ride it for your life!”

Just who is this clown!?

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1 Teacher. 1 Student. 1 Blowjob.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a teacher. Students these days can be such slackers. Other times, being a teacher makes you hard. Students these days also know how to get on their knees and put a penis into their mouth. This clip is only three minutes, but you’ll only need half that time to cream to this long-haired blondie!

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Who Is The Troll?

As I am new to the mystical realm of the internet, many out there are wondering just who I am.  I, for lack of better explanation, am the SEXUAL TROLL!  By physical appearance I look much the same as my fellow troll cohorts.  I come from a secret land filled with many gnomes and trolls.  But I was a wee bit different.  You see, when they would all be playing their troll and gnomey games, I liked to sneak off alone.  To the outskirts of my magic land.  And I’d enjoy a good hiding behind a tree or well placed rock.  And then…look for human ladies.  Naked human ladies.  And watch them.  Watch them through the treeholes.  And play with myself all day long.

That was my life day in and day out for the last thirteen years.  Until now.  You see, a young lad hiking through the forest seems to have left his MacBook behind.  And let me tell you – his loss is my (and your) gain!!  For now I am able to sign on to this magical internet and share with you all the visual treaties that get me off!

Alas, the lad returned – and at first we battled mighty over who would keep the magical white polycarbonite portal into all me fantasies.  Then, we both relaxed and enjoyed a few clips of teenies flashing their bits – and an alliance was formed!  Right there in the woods!  “The Sexual Troll” and “The Scumbag” formed a perverted truce right there in that very spot that shall forever be documented on this here website that you be readin’!

So sit back, horny humans, and let’s troll!

Let us begin with one of my favorite scenarios…the high school school bus.  Ahh many days there were I would hide behind the rock in front of the nearest school and watch these type of goings ons.  Heeheheheeeehheee!  I don’t even need to see these girls get naked before I squirt my troll juice all over the rock!!