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Meet Roxy Heart

Troll Fan Pinitch sends us this French Canadian delight…

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More Kennedy

So here’s another video of one of our new favorite newcummers to the biz, Kennedy, in action…

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Oh, and, ummm, and there’s this…

Amateur Blowjob Brunette Videos Youngins

Young Pussy, Old Cock

I am a Troll who still can sprint around the forests, but still… not quite as young as I once was. And whenever I am overcome with a case of the “feelin-olds” I turn to clips like this… then I feel so much better! After all, if little teens will hop on a guy’s lap who is this old, I surly will have no problem getting teen tale for a long time to come! So Fuck you, Father Time!

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The Fonz Would Love This Girl…

… because she sits on it.

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Young Looking Lez Plays With Even Younger Looking Lez

Shouldn’t these two youngy youngins be in school? What are they doin?!…

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The Asian Schoolgirl and the Man

The only thing better than watching young white students start school is watching Asians start school. But wait, here’s one not in class… what is wrong, Akia? Awww, the other kids are making fun of you because of your outfit? Well you pay no mind to those bad kids, Akia. Listen to the man. He’s a nice man.

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News Spoof / Funny Videos Youngins

Man On Street w/ Cam Vs. 17 Year Old Girl & Co.

Little Ms. Blondie Thick Legs over here just wanted to strike her pretentious ballerina poses in the middle of busy Manhattan. All was well and the creepy photo shoot was going swimmingly, until the man with the camera walked up and started videotaping nice close-up shots of her tush.

This prompts some of her friends and someone who may be her mom to call him a pervert. But my question is how is he any different the the men who were taking pictures of her in the first place? You humans are very perplexing….

Whatever you think of our videographer friend here, there is no denying one thing we can agree on – “goober” is the new best insult ever!

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Small Asian Teen Gets It is awesome. I don’t know where they find these little things, but god bless them. The 1:25 mark is where things really begin to get hot with this small Asian teen named Amai. Hope we see more of her in the near future.

2:05: “How does that taste?”…..

Puts cock in her mouth…

“Like of the taste of girls.”

And, cue cum spurting from my TrollCock.

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“Ready To Fuck Her Guilt Free”

It’s been a while since Jean Pierre and Pascal have seen their friends. When they were younger, they would be wild in the discos and the girls would go crazy to be fucked by these three studs. But things have changed.

Until now…

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Two Guys Rewarded with Hot, Young Snatch

You know how it goes; you help a girl out and she rewards you by letting you put your cock inside her. Happens all the time right? That’s why I wasted hours fixing your car or setting up your TV or building motherfucking furniture!!! FUCK, even when I had a girlfriend, trying to get her to put out was like orchestrating peace talks between North and South Korea.

So yes, I *love* this girl. I don’t know who she is, and her voice is kinda annoying, but she knows when to shut up and fuck. She reminds me of Elisha Cuthbert, if she was truly The Girl Next Door who loved to blow dudes. This tight little blonde is exactly what this Scumbag needs, and that she’s up to “explore uncharted territory” is always golden in my book. HOWEVER, the fucking video ends just as it’s about to go south, literally, so F U to whomever uploaded it. Still, you’ll get a good 14 plus minutes of hot youngin threesome action though.


This Troll Needs To Move To Rhode Island

Sixteen-Year-Old’s are not allowed to pump gas or climb ladders on the job because of protections in workplace laws, but, thanks to a wonderful terrible legal loophole they are indeed allowed to strip for naughty old men, as long as they’re home by 11:30 on school nights! For real! I wonder…do these establishments let Trolls inside? I normally get kicked out, Snoopy-style.

Book your rooms now, as I suspect Rhode Island tourism will increase during the next few weeks…

Source = CNN

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“My Name IMM”

Meet “Imm.” She’s 18. And she doesn’t speak English. If only every girl in the world could say the same things.

Wait until you get up to the 3:48 mark on this one. You’ll wanna squeeze your grip and simulate that feeling of fitting in to such tightness. That’s gonna feel good for sure!

Now, don’t worry that you only have abut a minute to rub one out at this point – just pretend you’re Harry Potter and she’s Cho Chang and you’ll be off!

Me? I spill it straight away as soon as I catch a glimpse of that tight little wedgie riding up into her split. Lumos!

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Alexis Love Is Tight

Trolls have their own troll language. But I have spent so much time behind trees spying on humans doing what they do when they’re naked that I have picked up quite a bit on English over the years. And I must say that I have one sentence in particular that is my very favorite among all…and it is, “Mister, am I doing this right? I’m only eighteen, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

See lovely little Alexis Love say just that to a dirty, rotten, filthy old dude at the 16:57 mark!

I first started keeping on eye on Alexis when she first broke onto the scene last year. There might be things that you can say about this or that, but no one can argue me about that nice little body of hers. I just hope, now that she’s getting roles in bigger productions, that her tight frame stays that way. I’ve seen one too many TIGHTS turn into FRIGHTS overnights!

Have your way with her again and again after the jump!…

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Man’s Best Friend…The Teenage Girl.

As you may know, Trolls live in harmony with animals. And although most of our experience is with the woodland creatures that live among us in TrollWorld, we have an equal liking for your domesticated beasts. Dogs are not only man’s best friend, we like to say!

And just look at this poor little wee bitty thing. Her little white canine pal seems to have run off! Where could he be? Will she find him? Perhaps. But not before she walks by loud landscapers to encounter her creepy neighbor…

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Megan Madsen Is 95 lbs. Of My Favorite Meat!

Ahhhh woe is me. Me, with such a fine lust for human lady-flesh, yet just a tiny troll with no chance of ever feeling the tingles that one can only get from a female’s touch. No matter. As long as I have clips with little pieces of meat like Megan Madsen to watch I suppose I’ll manage.