Charlie Sheen Offered To Direct ‘Two and a Half Women’

Despite Sheen’s distaste for my kind, I am happy to report that the Winner is in talks with Vivid Entertainment, who appear to want the headline-making actor to work on one of their new parodies.

According to Marquee Blog, Vivid’s founder and co-chairman, Steven Hirsch, sent the troubled actor a letter on March 3 asking him to direct a soon-to-be-made parody of Sheen’s sitcom, “Two and a Half Women.”

“We think it would be great if you would come in and direct the movie,” Hirsch wrote. “You pick the scenarios, positions, etc. The fact that you are the ultimate connoisseur of adult films would definitely work to your advantage. Based on all the publicity you have been getting, I am sure the sales will be outrageous.”

Sheen’s resident “Goddesses” shouldn’t feel left out either. Bree Olson and model Natalie Kenly are also invited to participate. No word yet on Sheen’s response to the odder. Stay tuned…