If You’re Into Virgins…

Break out your boombox and old cassingle of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” folks – you’re gonna need it in a few hours!

Nicki Blue is a 21-year-old aspiring porn actress went to porn site with a proposal that she lose her virginity on-air. According to Hollywood Skin Company, “The ceremony she and the site devised is scheduled to involve audience participation: viewers will vote on the man Nicki they think should first have sex with Nicki. Kink director John Paul described plans for the live broadcast, which will first make use of Kink’s “official hymen-cam” to prove that Nicki’s hymen is, in fact, still intact.”

The site goes on to describe what will go down: “We will start the evening by tightly binding Ms. Blue and introducing three legends: Mark Davis, Jack Hammer and James Deen. Fans will vote for which of them will take Nicki’s virginity.

TROLL VERDICT: Devirginization is a bloody good time for most but I find it kind of vomit-inducing. I’ll sit this one out. Plus, 21 years old? Think about if you had a TV set that was lying around for t..w..e..n..t..y…o..n..e y..e…a….r…s… that’s an old, OLD telly, no? You see what I’m saying.

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One Of My All Time Faves!

Heheheheeee! There are many days when I am depressed. Yes, trolls get depressed, too! But don’t feel bad. Because whenever I am sad all I need to do is play this clip, and walah! I emerge on the other side of its 17 minutes happy as can be! Heehehehehehehe! I suggest for you the same. Do not watch this right now. Wait until you are feeling blue. Then put on this blue movie and you’re sure to feel better than ever after you squeeze your cock pretending you are this lucky, lucky man…

Go on, just like he says, “Grip it like your grabbin’ hold of some reins…”