The Troll Says: “I’d Stick It In ‘Em ALL!”

PRESS RELEASE — If you’ve seen the movie The Social Network, you’ve heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s viral “Facemash” website. The 2003 site, which pitted Harvard girls against each other in a virtual battle of hotness, received 22,000 page views in four hours and caused Harvard’s servers to crash. Zuckerberg landed in trouble for stealing girls’ private photos, forcing the site’s closure. Now, Zuckerberg’s new tool – Facebook – has made it possible for “Facemash” to rise again.

The sharp, yet publicly anonymous, minds behind “Hottest Girl at My School” have fine-tuned the concept behind “Facemash”. Now, without using private photos or names, they have made it possible to finally settle one of the top dorm room debates – “Who are the hottest girls at this school?”