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She is So Tiny. He is So Lucky!

She likes older men. He likes younger girls. A perfect match. Ahh, if only life was only this easy. But it is not. Life is difficult for you humans. You have your bills and your traffic and your rude people and jobs that depress you. We Trolls do not have any of this. Which is why I enjoy showing you videos like this. So you may relax, slip off your slacks and pretend you are the old man who likes the little girls.

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This Fuckin Old Guy Again

Fuckin’ “Harry.” Goddammit. I am so jealous of this old, ugly man. He has a better life than every one of us.

Watch how this all unfolds after the jump…

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Meet Anne Howe

This is one of the smallest girls to get boned on cam from ’99 to 2006 – we’ve seen her fake first times better than the rest of ’em with every older dude out there, and now we know her name to boot! The best part about Anne is that she cleans floors, too! Go on, just watch! Oh, Anne, show us how it’s done for the first time again…

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Chastity Lynn Gets Physical With Old Man!

Thank heaven for Chastity here. Watching her have sex with this creepy old man allows even a troll like myself to get off all the more powerfully, secure in the thought that if she lets him she’ll let us!

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In Honor Of The World Series

How about a little baseball sex?!

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This Is It!

Watch her BEAT IT!

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Tons Of Asian Schoolgirls Fucking Their Teachers!

School sure does seem a lot more fun in the orient!…

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Babysitters

“Dear Troll. I’m Jerry. I am a boy who is left alone often. Mom died in a car crash last month and dad has to work late. Whenever dad comes home I hear him making noises with the babysitter. Should I be afraid? What if it’s a monster or a terrible thing happening right under my own nose? Should I be a hero and investigate or should I continue to cower under my pillow? Thanks. -Jerry”

Well, Jerry! I have a clip that might explain things a bit for you. And it features a young boy named Jerry with a similar situation as your own! Just watch this and all will be explained!…

Glad I could help!