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The Young Little Blonde In The Playground

I wouldn’t even want to be this lucky dude. It’s far luckier than I could ever be capable of. No, I’d be happy to just watch under the bed as this took place. That’s all. I’d just want to watch and I’d be a happy Troll. Luckily, we CAN watch…

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She puts the ‘head’ In Redhead

A poem, by me, The Troll:

Young redheads giving head on fine October afternoons.
Suck him once right before bed, his balls turn into balloons.
Redhead, redhead oh how I love to watch you suck.
But why is that all you do – why oh why don’t you fuck?

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Meet Rebeca Linares

Longtime Troller “Rommel” points our wangs in the direction of a new little school girl to have our way with! I like this young student because she has learned a very important lesson… that you should allow an older man to release his sperm deep inside you ass, and then you should fart it out onto his hand and have him feed it to you. A+ Rebeca! And keep ’em cummin’, Rom! Heheheheheeeeeee!!!

Here it is in widescreen, so as not to miss any of her finger lickings at the end!

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Chastity’s Back…

…and front… and sides… heheheheheeeeee!

Ahhh. Chastity. Words cannot express how much blood fills my TrollSchlong when I watch her. If this little minx speaking terrible Japanese is not enough to get you spewin’ – then I’m afraid I just don’t know what will.

This clip is a good 25 minutes, or, roughly 50 cums long. Enjoy!!!

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Black & White Stockings Are Hot

That’s all I have to say about that.

Oh, and also, I could really go for one of those black & white cookies right now.

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Cum Aboard The Love Train!

I don’t know where the Love Train is exactly but book me on the next flight over there!!

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The Cure For A Bad Back

I can relate to this poor bastard — he bends over and his whole back goes out, rendering him unable to move. What I am unable to relate to, however, is what comes next…

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Another Nubiles “Race To Release”

Here’s another short clip from the always awesome offerings of I like to call these little preview clips “Race to Release” because there’s just enough time to pump out a load to these young and fresh looking pieces of meat! I lost mine at 1:27. Can you do better? Hurry!

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The Troll’s Peeps from the Peeps: Church

Loyal reader “Rommel” sends us to church today – and Lord are we thankful for it!!!!

He writes: “Teeny, check! Small teeters, check! Bad skin, check! Fucked in the ass inside a church, check!”

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Wolf Creature Fucks Young Skinny Asian Girl!

Ah. Look what we have here! Seems this skinny Asian is about to get an unexpected visit! Seeing this clip brought me fond memories of my time in the forests. I had heard about this white wolf creature. The lady trolls would all speak of his sexploits. They spoke of the dangers of wandering around Gobler’s Nook and Whisper Falls too late – for if they did then they would surely meet the miserable fate of rape by whitewolf! It’s all I heard. Every single day – same old tales. The way they’d talk about it, it was as if deep down they wanted to get paid a visit by this mythical beast. Needless to say, I waited, hidden, in Gobler’s Nook night and day and I never saw so much as a skinny dip let alone good old fashioned wolfrape.

No matter! Now, thanks to this clip – I can finally witness what I have longed to see for many years…and so can you! Heheheheheeheeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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Gauge Flips For Cock

Little Gauge was one of the easiest girls to get off to in the early ’00’s. Since she’s no longer doing adult (reported to have married and settled down back in her hometown of Arkansas) let’s take a look back at a clip from this four foot-eleven inch, 93 pound piece of meat’s heyday…a brighter time just a few short years ago when she would gladly take it up the ass while doing a handstand…

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Small Asian Teen Gets It is awesome. I don’t know where they find these little things, but god bless them. The 1:25 mark is where things really begin to get hot with this small Asian teen named Amai. Hope we see more of her in the near future.

2:05: “How does that taste?”…..

Puts cock in her mouth…

“Like of the taste of girls.”

And, cue cum spurting from my TrollCock.

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Jenna Goes To The Lady Doctor

Jenna Haze is only 27. But that’s about 54 in porn years. Not to fret, my naughty horny little imps, for there are always clips from her younger years to be enjoyed! Take this one, for example, where the Jenna of a few years back goes to get her bits checked by a doctor who seriously risks ruining his career…

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Asian Girls Make The Best Sounds When Fucked!

Do you wanna know what? I can cum to the audio on this one alone. In fact, it’s actually way hotter that way! Go on, try it! Close your eyes and play this…

…SEE?! It’s like she didn’t want you to, wasn’t it? And you didn’t care, did you? You took what you wanted! And I salute you, good sir.

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Britney Is Going To Do Anything And Everything

You may find this odd, but what really turns me on the most? Fucked up skin.

Please, allow me to explain. Who needs a perfect 10 to intimidate you and make you feel like they’re doing you a favor by letting you snuggle up beside them? Fuck those stuck up cunts and the false pedestals they stand on!

Now take a girl like Britney here. Here’s a girl who I can really get off to. The accessibly cute, young hometown ordinary naive little girl who I’d have a shot with in real life. And very fucked up skin-wise to boot. That’s the key element! And that’s why, as I sit here typing this, my fingers are sticking to the keys! Hehheeeee.

Enjoy her, especially when she spits and drools at 3:54. Yeah. That’s what I like, Britney. I like when you spit on my Troll Meat, you fucked-up-skinned little whore!

OH, and Sir in the clip, now that you’ve jizzed on that fucked up skin, get dressed and change the goddamn battery in that fire alarm! Every time that beep went off it sucked me right out of the moment. I had to start from scratch every time. Thanks for making me work for it, ya son of a bitch non-battery-changer.