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Meet Tria

This site officially declares this dude as today’s official luckiest-guy-in-the-world…


Finish her off after the jump!…

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The Young Little Blonde In The Playground

I wouldn’t even want to be this lucky dude. It’s far luckier than I could ever be capable of. No, I’d be happy to just watch under the bed as this took place. That’s all. I’d just want to watch and I’d be a happy Troll. Luckily, we CAN watch…

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Old Guy, Young Girl!

These videos… they give us all hope…

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Young Blonde And Her Blue Eyes

She is really cool…

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Meet Jenny Anderson

This young brunette may not be able to drink, but she certainly can get drunk on two older men’s cum alright…

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Meet Emma Mae

She was born when Aladdin came out.

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Well This Is New…

I like yesterday’s little Rebecca Blue so I googled her and found the usual teacher-fucks-student clips you’d suspect. But you could find that anywhere. You depend on your Troll to look out for new and interesting clips with the hot young pieces of tight and I believe that is what I have managed to do with this clip of Rebecca…

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Meet Rebeca Linares

Longtime Troller “Rommel” points our wangs in the direction of a new little school girl to have our way with! I like this young student because she has learned a very important lesson… that you should allow an older man to release his sperm deep inside you ass, and then you should fart it out onto his hand and have him feed it to you. A+ Rebeca! And keep ’em cummin’, Rom! Heheheheheeeeeee!!!

Here it is in widescreen, so as not to miss any of her finger lickings at the end!

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One Of My All Time Faves!

Heheheheeee! There are many days when I am depressed. Yes, trolls get depressed, too! But don’t feel bad. Because whenever I am sad all I need to do is play this clip, and walah! I emerge on the other side of its 17 minutes happy as can be! Heehehehehehehe! I suggest for you the same. Do not watch this right now. Wait until you are feeling blue. Then put on this blue movie and you’re sure to feel better than ever after you squeeze your cock pretending you are this lucky, lucky man…

Go on, just like he says, “Grip it like your grabbin’ hold of some reins…”

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Meet Anne Howe

This is one of the smallest girls to get boned on cam from ’99 to 2006 – we’ve seen her fake first times better than the rest of ’em with every older dude out there, and now we know her name to boot! The best part about Anne is that she cleans floors, too! Go on, just watch! Oh, Anne, show us how it’s done for the first time again…

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Mars Needs Women: Aliens Fuck Mankind!

Stumbled upon this disturbing video of a real-life extra-terrestrial invading this poor young woman’s vagina. Oh the humanity where outer space beings can ravage our bodies. And talk about an anal probe!! Can’t believe Brandi Lyons survived this. Can you?

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Meet Addison Cain

As you know, from time to time I enjoy presenting you with the freshest young up-and-cumming talant – and this time I’d like you to stroke it to Addison Cain – a twenty year old nymph straight out of Kansas and into your heart…

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Amateur Cumshots!

Let’s see if the girls out there know what they’re doing with a cock…

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The Troll’s Male Sack: Babysitters

“Dear Troll. I’m Jerry. I am a boy who is left alone often. Mom died in a car crash last month and dad has to work late. Whenever dad comes home I hear him making noises with the babysitter. Should I be afraid? What if it’s a monster or a terrible thing happening right under my own nose? Should I be a hero and investigate or should I continue to cower under my pillow? Thanks. -Jerry”

Well, Jerry! I have a clip that might explain things a bit for you. And it features a young boy named Jerry with a similar situation as your own! Just watch this and all will be explained!…

Glad I could help!

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Chastity’s Back…

…and front… and sides… heheheheheeeeee!

Ahhh. Chastity. Words cannot express how much blood fills my TrollSchlong when I watch her. If this little minx speaking terrible Japanese is not enough to get you spewin’ – then I’m afraid I just don’t know what will.

This clip is a good 25 minutes, or, roughly 50 cums long. Enjoy!!!